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Saving The Old Seven Mile Bridge

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Ah, bailey bridge supplier , one of Floridaa€?s oldest and most known landmarks. Key West is a series of islands south of Florida, ita€?s one of the most beautiful keys in the world, but before 1912 Key West was pretty much isolated until the seven mile railroad was built.

The single lane bailey bridge was built by Henry M. Flagler; some people say he is the father of Miami. 23 years later in 1935 a devastating hurricane passed over Southern Florida, the hurricane was a category 5 and ravaged through the islands causing severe damage to the 7 mile railroad then 3 years later the U.S government rebuilt the rail route as a highway, it became an extension of United States Highway 1, the portion of U.S 1 through the Keys is called the Overseas Highway which Franklin Roosevelt toured the road in 1939.

Then 43 year later after its completion they noticed it was starting to erode away slowly, so a new bridge was built and finished in 1982. Present day the bailey bridge manufacturers is still slowly deteriorating structurally, and a new group has stepped forward to do something about it, to save the old seven mile bridge.

Friends of the company who own the bridge from Miami to Key West are trying to lead an organization to keep the bridge open to the public, ita€?s already sadly closed to auto mobile traffic and fishing County Administrator Roman Gastesi says, a€?They have an impressive group that knows how to gather money for these types of things. Wea€?d be the partner and get the city of Marathon to partner up and how support.a€? The non-profit organization will have to hunt down a whole lot of money with the state Department of Transportation if they hope of repairing the old seven mile bridge that was made as part of the Florida East Coast some million years ago at about $16 million and $22 million. The things that cost the least are installations of new floor beams, steel reinforcements of the main girder, steel painting and the installation of temporary pedestrian barrier to block access to the bridge railings according to the Department of Transportation spokesman Brian Rick.

An inspection in May showed that the 2.2 mile point of the bridge is worsening, but he declined to show the report, citing a pair of Florida statutes dealing with public records and security issues.

The records say that any kind relating directly to the physical security of the facility of threat assessments conducted by any agency or any private entity are not for public eyes to view. They want to fix up the bridge so people can go on it, theya€?re trying to make it another destination point of going from Miami to Key West, which is awesome because remember, it is a historic landmark, so adding it on to the things to see in Key West would be great since you have to pass by it for 7 miles while traveling to Key West tours. But the people are being supportive of the idea, but for any action to be taken a lot of money has to be brought up.

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