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Product Introduction

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At the beginning of second World War, and engineering corps ,Who called Donald Coleman Bailey, invented a kind of bridge which used for setting up fast and convenient.After that bridge was named Bailey bridge. Now Bailey bridge is widely used in highway, railway and bridge. It’s divided into two types: 321((CB)100-type)Bailey bridge and (CB)200 Bailey bridge.


Bailey bridge is standard bridge equipment, adopted extensively and the most popular in the world, possessing the features of simple structure, convenient transport,speedy erection and easy disassembling. While having the advantage of heavy loading capacity, great stability and long fatigue life being capable of an alternative span, long capacity and mixture form to erect all kinds and usage of temporary bridges, emergency bridges and fixed bridges. The bridge has the advantages of few components, light weight and low cost.


We have tow producing lines to manufacture CB100 and CB200. The surface disposal is painting, galvanized or anti-skid wearing such as a polyurethane bonded bauxite chip system or similar according the requirement.

1. 321 type bridge

Application of Compact 100 standard panel bridge:

Single lane:Bridge deck width:4m.          Span length:9-60m


The compact 100panel bridge is a type of bridge system that can be dissembled and rapidly erected.The whole bridge is welded with high-tensile strength steel.The girder is lightweight

composite panels and the panels are connected by panel connection pins.The conversion between the parts is easy and they are lightweight.It is easy to assemble or disassemble and transport them. It can also be assembled into different forms of panel bridges according to their span length and transportation requirement. So ,it has been widely applied as a more developed and guaranteed panel bridges for emergency transportation. It is suitable for load designs for HS-15,HS-25 and pedrail-50 etc.Another type is the compact 321 panel bridge designed by China Program Designing Institution of Transport Ministry according to Chinese codes and local practice. Its design is based on the compact 100 panel bridge. Comparing with the compact 100 panel bridge ,the design, except for minor change of some sizes, are conforming to the standard of compact 100panel bridges,so this type of bridge can also satisfy all the application standards of the compact 100 panel bridges.


2. 200 type bridge

Application of the compact standard 200 panel bridge:

Single lane: Bridge deck width:4.2m         Span length:9.14-60.96m

Double lanes: Bridge deck width:7.35m      Span length:9.14-60.96m


The compact 200 panel bridge is similar to the compact 100 panel bridge from their appearance. The difference is its increased panel height to 2.134m. It employed the method of alternating joints between Reinforcement Chords and the joints between panels.


This method can decrease inelastic deformation caused by the oversized pinholes. Pre-arch method is used to additionally cut down mid-span and vertical deflection to a larger degree. Bolt-connected connected use the orienting sleeve-fixing method to increase accuracy of connections. Shear is created in orienting sleeves and tension is developed in bolts, which increase the usage life of the bolts and ensure the safety of panel bridges. Wind resistant brace is made to be composite type and is connected to transom/girders to improve overall stability of panel bridges.


The part between braced frame and panels is fixing through bridging so as to prevent the whole bridge from side bending. After the erection, there will be a pre-arched degree over the span of the bridge. Besides it can be assembled into single-lane bridges. The compact 200 panel bridge can also be assembled into double lane bridge, hence it broadens its application range. It is suitable for the load designs of HS-15,HS-20,HS-25 and pedrail-50 etc.

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  • How can we trust your company?

    We are a specialized steel bailey bridge manufacturer with leading manufacturing process for steel bailey bridges in China,who has engaging in this line for over 20 years with an International Quality System Certification of ISO 9001:2008 and as cooperation partner with the research institutions of the people’s Liberation Army.We also have good market reputation overseas,like Nigeria, Angola, Congo,Cambodia, Nepal, Venezuela, Vietnam,Bangladesh,Papua New Guinea and so on.
  • Are you a factory or a trade company?

    We are a factory with six production lines and various machines to fabricate steel bridge parts and other steel structures also. We also have gotten exporting license to devote ourselves into global market. 
  • How about quality control of your company?

    We pay great attention to quality control from the beginning to the end,keeping goods to meet the standard of CMA,CNAS,ISO9001,Grade I road,Grate A urban road,America loading standard HS25 and British loading standard HA.
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    Shanghai, China


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