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Bailey Bridge Main Use

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ZB-200 prefabricated highway steel bridge (hereinafter referred to as ZB-200 steel bridge) is a new-type transport combat readiness facility in our country. This temporary steel bridge ensured that heavy military equipment and vehicles could overcome such obstacles as rivers, broken bridges and gullies in national defense transportation during wartime, while besides erecting the temporary steel bridge, it could be used for constructing a variety of fabricated steel structure such as supporting towers and frames in usual rescue and relief work and national economic construction.

Feature and production-manufacturing requirements

ZB-200 steel bridge is a military facility developed based on the No.22 article [2002] of a notice about releasing a design brief to develop the ZB-200 prefabricated highway steel bridges issued by the Ministry of Communications.

Compared with the previous prefabricated steel bridge (type-321) in our country, its simple components, convenient erection processes, high standardization, various structural style, greater carrying capacity as well as excellent adaptability ensure all kind of vehicle traffic under the not more than 50t crawler-type loading and 13t wheel-type axial pressure.

As it is a standard bridge, the manufacturer must produce based on the design drawings and check and accept it in accordance with《production and acceptance technical specifications for ZB-200 prefabricated highway steel bridge》in order to ensure its carrying capacity and interchangeability. No manufacturer can change the product's technical conditions without the design department's permission.

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